The Hefling Family
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Mary E Hefling

Mary E Hefling

Mary was born 22 Jul 1833 in Coshocton, Ohio to John S Hefling and Mary Elizabeth Robison. She died 29 Jun 1901 in Astoria, Illinois and is buried in the Salem Cemetery there.

Spencer Lawrence

No information available about Spencer.


Harvey Smith

No information available about Harvey.


Benjamin Johnson

Benjamin was born about 1820 in Ohio. He died around 1880 in the Astoria, Illinois area.

Mary and Spencer were married 14 Nov 1852 in Coshocton, Ohio.  They had two children. It is unknown if their marriage ended due to Spencer's death or if they divorced.

Children of Mary E Hefling and Spencer Lawrence:

  1. Oscar W Lawrence    
  2. James S. B. Lawrence
      b. About 1857 in Ohio
      d. After 1860 (probably in Ohio)  


Mary and Harvey married sometime after 1860, probably in Astoria, Illinois. They had one child. Again, it is unknown if their marriage ended due to Harvey's death or divorce.

Child of Mary E Hefling and Harvey Smith:


  1. John S. P. Smith
Mary and Benjamin married sometime before 1880 in Astoria, Illinois. They had no children.

On the 1880 census for Astoria Twp, the Mary, Benjamin, and Mary's two living children, Oscar and John, were living with Mary's mother, Elizabeth. Benjamin's occupation was a brick layer, Mary was listed as a servant (indicated also she could not read), and the two boys were working on the farm

 Mary's tombstone in Salem Cemetery.

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